Resources not loaded (resource list is empty)

I currently have an experiment, where I am using some resources. However, the list of resources in the call to psychoJS.start() is not populated by the builder. Neither with the resources, I use in the loops nor with the additional resources.

I added the resources in the online tab of the experiment.


The loop also uses a resource.

All resources are present in the html/resources/ folder. I can even download the files if I just enter the address in pavlovia.

However, the generated code contains the following call to start():

psychoJS.start({ expName: expName, expInfo: expInfo, });
So no resources are being loaded. Of course I can just replace the call manually, but this means I have to manually change the code for every upload and if I forget after exporting, the experiment will not work.

PsychoPy version: 2021.2.3 (also tried 2022.1.1 but then downgraded, to test for regressions)
Standard Standalone? (y/n) : y

This is an odd list of steps.

What I did a couple of days ago when faced with this issue was:

  1. Downloaded existing data from Pavlovia.
  2. Deleted the project from Pavlovia.
  3. Closed PsychoPy.
  4. Deleted all local files and folders from the experiment apart from the psyexp file and resources.
  5. Opened the psyexp file in PsychoPy.
  6. Checked that the output path in Experiment Settings was blank.
  7. Pressed the sync icon to create a new project online.

Hello Nadine,

delete the html from output-path of your Experiment Properties.

Best wishes Jens

Ok, just deleting the html did indeed generate the correct code. Weird, but thanks for pointing this out.

Hi! I’m figuring out the same problem but even with the deletion of all files, psychoJS.start() is not updating with the resources list. Do you known anything else that I could try? Thank you.

The output path should be blank, not html. Try these links.