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Reset participant counter in @wakecarter's tool?

I needed a solution to get consecutive participant IDs, and of course I shouldn’t be surprised at this point that @wakecarter has provided a great tool for this ( However, can anyone (perhaps @wakecarter himself) tell me whether it is possible somehow to reset the counter in this tool to 0/1, or to set it to some desired value? (Mind you, even if it isn’t, I’m still really happy that this tool exists!)

(My use case is that I want to split participants up into N equal-size groups, with each group seeing a different set of stimuli. So I could use “participant % N” to determine a participant’s group number, and this should mostly work well, but I guess if participants don’t finish (or even start) the experiment after being passed through the php referral, then the counter will get incremented but I won’t get data. I’ll probably just end up having to fix that afterwards, recruiting a few more people to fill the “gaps”, but to do that it might be useful to be able to control the value of the counter manually when necessary.)

I’m happy to reset your counter if you “buy me a coffee”. However, you can also do it yourself if you use my VESPR study portal (which also improves the random allocation to groups and copes with non-finishers) and pay for a licence.

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Good to know - thanks!