Report orientation of a line

Hi everybody,

In a part of my experiment, participants see a line, and on the next screen, they have to report its orientation. For a scientific reason, I cannot use another bar to report its orientation. So, I need to use a rotatable circle with two points on it as the first and last point of the invisible line (see the picture attached). Any idea how can I draw such a circle with two points on it?


i suggest starting with an image of the circle with the two dots (you can create one yourself using an image editor), and then just using an image component in psychopy. Another way would be to use three polygon component to create three circles in psychopy but I don’t see any reason to complicate your experiment like that!

Then you can have the image rotate following your mouse click, I proposed this solution for a similar problem a while ago: Re-drawing a line updating its orientation as mouse movement


Thank you!