Removing background of image stimuli

Dear all,

When my images are presented, There is a black border appears around the image. Is there a way to remove them?
Also, some images are presented in very low resolution. Any suggestion?


Hi there, I would suggest that the easiest way to accomplish this is by using GIMP (open source image editor and has pretty much the same features as photoshop) to crop the black border and increase the image resolution.

Can you use a visual.Aperture approach like in this post?

I use IrfanView for batch image processing. You can do crop, resize, rotate, etc.

It was essential for when I needed to create medium and thumbnail versions of over 1000 2000 AD comic covers for

A batch crop would be quite easy if the images are the same original aspect ratio or size, and you have the same amount to crop from each one.

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haha ! I guess I found an easier way. I created a rectangular white transparent polygon following the image position and size. Most of the images have no lines! Thanks for your answers.

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