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Refresh stability issue

Hi community,

The benchmark wizard returns two suboptimal values:
refresh stability (SD) 3.59 ms Warning: the refresh rate has high frame-to-frame variability (SD > 0.5 ms)
no dropped frames 4 / 180 Warning: could not keep up during DotStim with 100 random dots.
The benchmark is available at C:\Users\LoganLab\AppData\Roaming\psychopy2\benchmarkReport.html

I use a BENQ XL2411Z LCD monitor running at 144 Hz (1920x1080). Processor is AMD A6-6400K with Radeon Graphics. Platform is windows 7.

How can I fix the refresh stability and dropped frame issue?
It s the first time I use a LCD monitor for an experiment. Would you recommend coming back to a CRT monitor?

Thanks for the help

Hi there,

I’m wondering if you were able to fix this refresh stability issue. I’m having the same issue – and I don’t know what to do …