ReferenceError: [variable defined in loop conditions] is not defined

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:
When starting the experiment online, I get an error message:

ReferenceError: ex_sentence is not defined
ex_sentence is a variable defined in the conditions file of a loop. It works in Builder, just doesn’t seem to work online. I went over the code and the variable doesn’t seem to appear anywhere before the loop is imported. The conditions file is added to the online resources (I removed and re-added it several times, just to be sure).
The worst part is: IT USED TO WORK, then I removed the loop for the sake of testing other parts of the experiment and after adding it again, the error pops up. I have no idea what I did wrong or how to fix it.

Okay, I’ve removed the routine with the variable altogether and keep getting the very same error. Hence, it’s probably sync. Whatever do I do?

I changed the name of the variable everywhere. Checked twice in code. The error still pops up with the old variable name. Help!

I bypassed the problem by pushing out the experiment from builder as a new project. It works correctly now. Where can I report a bug?