ReferenceError: resource is not defined

I’ve been trying to make an auditory experiment work on Pavlovia, but without success. I therefore created an extremely basic Psychopy experiment which just plays a very short .wav file - this can be found at . I did this to test whether I could make sound play on Pavlovia in the first place. Unfortunately this doesn’t work either and the reason given is “ReferenceError: resource is not defined”. I’ve checked through things to make sure that the html folder appears as it should on gitlab. I’m not sure if there’s an issue with Pavlovia playing .wav files, or whether I’m just missing a bit of code?

[I’ve uploaded the psyexp to this post, note that I haven’t included the Javascript files within the html folder as the forum doesn’t accept uploading of these files]
NewProject.psyexp (3.2 KB)