ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable low

I am trying to conduct an online study that I designed on the PsychoPy Builder. I am using the latest versions of PsychoPy (2022.2.5) and Python (3.11.2). When piloting the study from Pavlovia, the experiment starts running but after presenting a series of stimuli and when starting the first task, I get the following error: ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable low. I am not sure what is causing that error or how to fix it. I do not have experience coding, so I get lost when reading explanations involving codes. Here is a link to my pilot:

I am also attaching a zip. file with the js codes that were generated when uploading my experiment from PsychoPy to Pavlovia.

Thank you very much for your help! (40.4 KB)

Hello again!

A friend of mine helped me figure this out. When programing the experiment on the Psychopy builder, I used the code randint(low=0, high=192, size=1) on the selected rows blank in a few loops. The problem is that that code is preserved when translating the Python code into Java Script. However, for Java, the code should be randint(0, 192) and it doesn’t need to include the 1 for size=1.

I hope this will help someone as much as it helped me!