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Reference Errors

Hi. I uploaded an experiment a few days ago and errors are popping up one after the other.

It started off by saying “frameDur is not defined”, so I added the line “var frameDur;” and it worked… then I encountered reference errors for “general_instructionClock”, “text”, … and on and on.

What I noticed is that all of the variables that caused the errors had to be imported from the pavlovia library, and I think that the fundamental problem is relevant to this. The initial lines of my js code look like the following:

import * as util from ‘’;
import * as visual from ‘’;

And the lines that caused the errors were

general_instructionClock = new util.Clock();
text = new visual.TextStim();

so I thought util.Clock() and visual.TextStim() were not well imported from the library.

These lines were automatically generated when I synced the PsychoPy file onto Pavlovia. Is anybody else using these lines having the same problem?


I think you should probably take a look here: frameDur is not defined error

and also at my crib sheet (see pinned post in online category).

Best wishes,