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Reducing time taken to load resources

I’m piloting an experiment which requires around 400 images and some excel sheets. Each time I run the pilot, it takes several minutes (despite the 250Mbps internet) to load these resources before the experiment can begin. Is there any way in which this time can be reduced - perhaps for the images to be loaded immediately before they are needed?


Hello @varmas,

We have identified the need for partial loading of resources and will be introducing it in a future version.
For now, I would encourage you to decrease the amount of data to transfer by reducing the size of your images, or compressing them further (e.g. using JPG with 80% compression rather than BMP or uncompressed TIFF). Would that be possible for you?
Could you tell me the name of your experiment so I can have a look?


Hey! Thanks for the reply. I will look into reducing the image size (they are already jpeg and less than 2MB each). You can find the experiment at