Reading comprehension with random probes

Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to make a task work, and although I can imagine it conceptually, I’m having trouble implementing it. (FYI I’m using v 1.84.2 on Win10):

What are you trying to achieve?:
I am building a reading comprehension task that is randomly interrupted by mind-wandering probes. In the beginning, the participant should be shown a list of text categories, from which they have to choose the 2 most interesting and 2 least interesting. They then go through a 20 min period of self-paced reading of pre-determined text chunks for each category, during which they are randomly interrupted by a probe asking them what they were thinking about at the time of the interruption.

After the 20 min is up, they are shown 10 multiple-choice questions based on the text they just read. We are also introducing a reward component, so that each text category that they chose is either given a high reward (70 cents) or low reward (5 cents) based on their performance in correctly answering the questions (essentially a 2 (interest: high, low) x 2 (reward: high, low) design).

What did you try to make it work?:
I think I’ve got the basic structure worked out, but I know there will be lots of additional code component that I cannot figure out how to implement. This is only my second time using PsychoPy, and my programming skills are not at the level they need to be! Essentially, these are the things I need help in working out:

  1. Present all text categories for rating - Right now, I list them all together in one screen, and then have participants rate them in a following routine/loop; but is there a way to show all the rating scales and categories together on one screen?

  2. Select chosen texts to be presented in trask, drop other ones - Based on their top 2 and lowest 2 ratings, these will be the texts chosen going forward, and the other categories will be dropped.

  3. Have mind-wandering probe be randomly interspersed - There should be 4 probes presented at random intervals during the 20-min reading task, and I cannot figure out how make this happen.

  4. Randomly assign text categories to different reward levels for comprehension questions section - I understand how to add a certain amount of reward for each correct answer, but I can’t figure out how to randomly assign the reward based on the Interest factor of the text, i.e., so that correct answers for 2 text categories receive 70 cents, and the other 2 categories receive 5 cents.

(5) (and also figure out how to make self-paced reading section last only 20 min)

I have attached the basic .psyexp file so that you can see my basic design. Thank you to any kind souls who are able to help me out with this, it is so very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

reading comp.psyexp (30.0 KB)