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Memory task: Saving randomly picked words for later serial recognition

OS: Mac OS Sierra 10.12
PsychoPy version: 3.06

What are you trying to achieve?: Im trying to create a memory task. In the first condition, the subject is supposed to listen to 7 words and remember them. Then, a list of 21 words has to appear, which contains the 7 correct answers. The 7 correct answers have to be picked in the correct order.

In the second condition, the subject is supposed to listen to 7 words and remember them while listening to 7 different words over headphones. Then, there has to be a list of 21 words, the correct answers are the 7 read words again, the list also has to contain the 7 audio words and 7 other words.

What did you try to make it work?: So far, I have configured the presentation of stimuli. I created a word list and an audio list. The words and audios are picked randomly.

Unfortuanetly I have no idea how to store the randomly picked audios and words into a variable to save them. Also, if I had the variable, I have no idea on how to display the words in a shuffled form so that they can be picked the way I want them to.

I know this is a big question. It’s my first time working with PsychoPy, I’m currently still learning Python and PsychoPy and every tip would be appreciated!!

Down below I uploaded my experiment.

Thanks in advance!


Recognition.psyexp (166.4 KB)

Hi Leonard, welcome along. We won’t be able to reverse engineer your study from the .psyexp file alone. We also need to know about how you select the text and audio stimuli. i.e. are you currently doing this from a conditions file? Are there 21 different words and correct answers per trial, or are they repeated? What does “The words and audios are picked randomly” mean? (i.e. “random” is a term in experimental design that really needs to be explicitly defined).

Please give as much detail as possible.

Dear Michael, thanks for your reply!

I linked a conditions file with 2 conditions ($WortText and $WortAudio) to the loops. I will upload a screenshot of the conditions file. 29

“The stimuli are picked randomly” refers to the option “full random”, which is available in under the option “loop type” in the loop settings. (The stimuli are picked by choosing a random number between 1 and 400 and then displaying the word attached to that row. After a number was chosen, it can not be chosen again, until every other word was chosen once.) 04

Trials are repeated, but with different words. Words and distractors are not supposed to repeat. For each trial, there are 7 correct words and 14 distractors.

Sorry for not providing enough detail - if anything else is needed, please let me know!

Thank you!

Additional screenshots I could not add to the original post due to my “New user”-status