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Reaction Time Recording Issue Within Two Loops


I’m currently creating a social discounting experiment in which participants pick to take a certain amount of money now vs $100 in the future (1 day, 1 month, 1 year, 25 years). The money now adjusts every time for 8 runs based on their previous answer (e.g., starts at $50 and if they pick money now it goes down and later it goes up). Then, after 8 runs it starts back at $50 and the future length is changed (e.g., from 1 day to 1 month) and the process repeats. An example of what the screen looks like is below.

In order to achieve this, I created a trial with two loops. The first loop is programmed for the 8 runs and the second loop causes the process to repeat with a new future length. This experiment itself is working perfectly. However, when I check the output in excel it doesn’t record the reaction time for the button presses during the loops. As you can see ChoiceResponse.rt isn’t showing up consistently and the variable ChoiceResponse should either have an “m” or “z”.

Is there any reason that two loops would make reaction time stop recording? Does anyone have any idea why reaction time wouldn’t record?

There is no reaction time as it doesn’t look like there was any response detected on those trials.

Does your keyboard component have a fixed duration? If so, it is possible that the trial ends without any key being pressed.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the response. It actually isn’t possible for no key to be pressed because the Left Value changes based on whether ‘z’ or ‘m’ was pressed. There is no fixed duration. It is set to take as long as needed. That’s why I’m so confused. The keys are being read, but they don’t appear to be recorded for some reason.

Trial 8 is particularly confusing because it appears that the key was recorded. But it is exactly the same as the other trials.

This makes me wonder if you perhaps also have inserted some custom code that collects and processes key presses and that is in competition with a keyboard component. You probably need to post your Builder .psyexp file here for us to have a look.

That sounds like something that could be going on. There is a fair amount of custom code. Here’s my .psyexp file. (21.1 KB)

Much easier to zero in on the problem with that rather than the generated .py script.