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Re-presenting stimuli based on participant choices

Hi all,

I am using Psychopy v1.85.1. My experiment simply presents participants with pairs of images (one on right side of screen and one on left side of screen) and participants are required to choose one using either the left or right key. Once participants have gone through all the pairs, I would like to re-present that participant’s chosen images to them (in the centre of the screen), one at a time. This is because I am now going to have a dialogue box which asks them to type in why they chose this image. I have already coded this latter bit.

I am therefore wondering if anyone had advice on how to code this, i.e., how to ask the code to go into that particular participant’s data file to find the list of images the participant chose and to re-present these. Obviously, each participant’s list will differ slightly based on their choices.

Thank you in advance for any advice on this topic.


You don’t really want to go into the data file to get this info (and the datafile might only get written at the end of the experiment). Can’t you just keep track of the responses on each trial, appending each one to a list you can use later?

That list could itself be used as the trialList for defining the TrialHandler used to run that second round of questions.