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Rating scale in the builder/code

Dear friends,

I have a set of 11 ratingscales for each sound of my experiment.

These are the two things I need to change on each ratingscale:

  • the numbers 1 and 5 at the end of the sliders could be a bit larger; is it possible without changing the size of anything else?
  • markerColor from blue red

I am able to change the markerColor in the code, but then I have the problem that everytime I come back to the .psyexp file changes disappear.
I am using an old code developed by a student, version. 1.81.
Unfortunately I have no option to update Psychopy now, as the experiment is running. I
will do that the future, but now it is not possible.

I ask you:

  • how can I make the previous changes in Psychopy 1.81?
  • how can I create a new .psyexp file that contain these changes?
    I do not see any option related to these changes in that file. Is the .psyexp file customizable in terms of having more options for each component?
  • maybe I need some explanation about the entire process of compiling… for instance, how has the .psyexp file been created?

Thanks, Erica

Don’t edit the .py file, as this must be regenerated frequently from the Builder .psyexp file, which as you note, will delete any changes you make to it. Instead, use Code Components within the Builder interface as a way to insert code that will run at the appropriate time (beginning of the experiment, start of routine, and of routine, etc).

Lastly, I’m not too familiar with the rating scale, but I think you can also insert code in the final tab of that component to customise things. Documentation for what can be set is here:

Hi Michael,

thanks for your reply.

I fixed the problem with the builder by using the customized ratingscale.

I also fixed the question about the marker color.

What I am not able to do - first of all I ask you if it’s possible - is to change the size of the lower and higher labels (1 and 5 in my case) without changing the size of the text - could just the 2 numbers be bigger?

Thanks, Erica

Sorry, I don’t know enough about the rating scale to advise here.

Dear Michael, how can I ask to an expert on ratingscale? Maybe you can forward this message to someone else?
Thanks, Erica

Could cheat by putting two text elements below the scale: 1 5 (large font); 234 (smaller font). I am sure that there is a prettier way but is it worth figuring it out which you can do it almost all in builder?

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