Randomly select a sample from a stimulus list

Hello all,

I am looking for help in creating my experience for my Master’s thesis. Sorry for the bad english, i’m a french speaking student.

In my experiment, subjects are presented with a series of word pairs (fillers and target pairs). Each target pair should be followed by a sound signal and is always preceded by 3 interference word pairs, in a strict order. For example : the subject would see “house night”, then “day life” and then “coffee table”, before seeing “cat dog” and then hearing a sound signal in form of a buzzer. Between each set of “interference word pairs/target word pair” there are between 3 and 6 filler pairs.

I have a file with 386 filler pairs, I am looking for a way to randomly select between 3 and 6 fillers. The fillers have to be different each time. At the same time I am also looking for a way to present the target pairs (e.g. dog cat) and to precede them with 3 other pairs in a strict order.

Can anyone tell me where I should start?

Thanks a lot