Randomly pick to change the hue of a single stimulus (image or shape object) when presented with multiple in a staircase design?

Hello, I am an undergraduate student trying to develop my first staircase design in PsychoPy.
The idea for this experiment is to present shapes of all the same colors except for one, and the participant would choose the “odd one out”. What is important, is the position of the shape that is changed, because the backgrounds have been purposely made. Here is an example of a trial in which no change is present, made in Adobe illustrator:

And here is an example with a change on shape 4:

I would like the staircase to change the hue value for one of the shapes at random. How would one go about this when using images? (I got the shapes as svg files from the NATO Symbology Website) Or should I stick to using the integrated shape objects? Either way, I need PsychoPy to randomly chose a shape to change the hue of.

I am not well-versed in code, but I am not afraid to give it a try, just need to guidance on where to look and how to begin.

Additionally, I have other trials that are red, green, and yellow that I would like to randomize in the staircase as well, but their backgrounds must be connected to those colors specifically. For example, the two trials above have blue shapes, and have the same background, where I would like the red shapes to keep the background seen below, and so on. Thank you.