Randomizing order of routines within a loop

In the experiment, I want the circles to always come in the place and color I have determined, but the order in which they are displayed is random. For example, the red circle will always be displayed at (0,3.5), the purple circle at (3.5,0), but I cannot randomize the order in which the circles will be displayed in the loop that will be repeated 4 times. How can I do that?

I think what you want to do is, rather than having 4 routines and attempting to randomise between them, have 1 routine and have the properties of the objects set by a Conditions file.

So using the example values you provided, if part of your Conditions file looked like this:
You would set the value of Color for the circle to $CircleColor and the value of Position to CirclePosition, that way in one trial it would be red and at (0,3.5) while in another it would be purple and at (3.5,0).