Randomising bloks

Dear all,
I am designing a bilingual experiment in which I have 4 blocks, two for one language (L1) and another two for the other language (L2). Each block contains different trials from the other blocks. What I need to do is that I want to make the order of their presentation random. The condition is that the two blocks from L1 come first in succession and the two blocks from L2 come afterward in succession again. Each of these two blocks need to appear in random order.
What I did was that I defined a loop around the 2 blocks in L1 and another loop around the 2 blocks in L2. The first conditions file for loop 1 includes the two blocks in L1 and the second conditions file for loop 2 includes the two blocks in L2.
What went wrong is that when I run the experiment, after the presentation of the first loop it repeats the first loop again, then proceeds to the second loop in the same manner. :sweat:

After all, I should make the bigger loop around the two smaller loops random too.

How should I fix the case in either builder or coder view?

Your helps are really appreciated.

When you say that the condition file includes both routines, do you mean you have the routines specified in the excel document? If so I think you may be misunderstanding how loops & conditions files work - they aren’t for specifying which routines are run, they’re for specifying the value of a variable (whose name is the column header from the excel sheet). Rather than creating two routines, you should try making one routine and setting values of components in those routines via the conditions file

Hi TParsons
I actually did so, thanks.