Randomizing one group of stimuli into multiple blocks where there is a study block and a testing block but the stimuli do not repeat


I have a list of 30 stimuli that I would like to be split into three blocks. The first block would have a “study” trial where the participants would study 10 words and images and then have a “test” trial where they be tested on the words and the corresponding images immediately after. After that, the participants would study 10 stimuli more in a second block and be tested on that stimuli (in the same way as the first block). And lastly, the last 10 stimuli would be studied and tested on. Is there a way for the 30 stimuli to be randomly placed within the three blocks for each participant without repeating the stimuli, so each participant would see each stimuli once?

Thank you!

It sounds like you’ll need a double loop around your training and test blocks to do this. You need three trial condition files with the words and image file names in each block as different columns, and a block condition file with a column of trial file names. If you want the same stimuli to be presented in the training and test trials, you’ll just need to make sure you refer to the same column header in the trial condition file.

I found a section on their online tutorial that’s relevant to your situation:

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Have an outer loop that points to your spreadsheet and then customise your routines or have inner loops based on the value of outer_lopp.thisN

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