Randomize w/out repeat

I am creating an experiment with 4 different tasks:

-mental rotation task: 1 practice block of 10 trials and 2 test blocks of 48 trials
-paired word task: 1 practice block of 5 trials and 3 test blocks of 10 trials
-Ravens Matrices: 5 blocks of 12 trials
-object memory task: 1 practice block of 5 trials and 3 test blocks of 10 trials

I have one outerloop to control the presentation of the tasks

I created each of these experiments in separate .psy files. Then I combined them into one large experiment file. Since combining the randomization without repeating has not been working for 3 of the 4 tasks I need it to work on.

Here is the flow for the mental rotation task

I am only having problem with the test block. Here are the inner loop properties

Here is the MRT task loop properties:

Here are the properties of the test block:

Here are the properties for the test presentation loop:

My other tasks are formatted similarly with the same properties for the loops. I can upload screenshots of those tasks too if it will be helpful. Here are two pictures of the full experiment flow:

Hi @sarahnpope,

Could you give a bit more information on what you mean by it not working? Is there an error message, or is it just not behaving as expected? If there is an error message could you please copy and paste it here?



Hi Kim,

I believe I fixed the problem. There was no error code, it was just misbehaving.