Randomize multi video routines

psycopy (v2021.1.4)

Hello everyone,

The purpose of my experiment is to evaluate the accuracy of the visual inspection for a TMS stimulation
Due to Covid, we do it remotely: Using Psychopy for showing a video of hand and they have to respond (yes or no) if the hand moves or not (capture 1)

For this, there are 10 routines (1video and 1 key response) (capture 1) The subject see the video and just have to press yes (“o”) or no (“n”)

I want to randomize these 10 routines (with 2 or more repetitions for the block). My randomization is not working I haven’t an error message - just the videos come always in the same order. there are the properties (capture 2) and the excel files
random psychopy 43.xlsx (11.7 KB)

I guess my error is that I’m not filling correctly the excel file.

Somebody can show me a good way to do this?



You should have just one routine in your loop which sets the video as $video

Selected rows should be blank if you are using all rows (1:10 will actually miss row 1)

First of all thanks for your help,

I’m not sure I’m getting everything (English is not my native language)

So should I create a routine where I put all videos in?
Or there is a tool which resumes all routines in one?


Instead of putting the filename of each video in different video routines you put $video (a variable) in one.