Randomisation across repeated blocks

I’ve created an experiment in Builder (v 2022.2.5) I need to present 200 words in random order from a list in my conditions file in 8 blocks of 25 words . I’ve set this up as per the images. Each block of 25 trials is randomly sampled without replacement, however at the moment words repeat across blocks which I do not want to happen.

Note: I am a coding novice, the small amount of code I’ve used is a direct copy from Psychopy textbook!
Note 2: The buffer routines are for 2 buffer trials either side of each 25 word block


I’ve tried inputting adjusted code from the following thread in a routine before the experiment however the repetition still occurred.

I haven’t been able to find another topic / thread which covered this problem. Any help much appreciated!

It has been a while since we’ve programmed these studies using PsychoPy / Pavlovia. Try emailing my grad student, Phil (philip.peper@mavs.uta.edu). He might have a more recent version of the task that he could send you. Not sure if it will help or not.

Thank you very much for responding! I will try emailing Phil.