Random time for fixation cross

I have a fixation cross that appears randomly for a duration of 1 s.

$Zeit = Time
I have an excel file included in my experiment with the time when the cross should appear
Offline it does work, but online its not showing the cross. When i set the fixation cross on a specific time it works online. But using the excel file via $zeit does not work.
has anyone any recommendation for that problem?
Or another Solution to randomize the time of the fixation cross?

Check your capitalisation. Is it zeit or Zeit?

Try without the dollar?

In principle what you are trying to do should work online.

Hey:) thanks for your answer.
I checked the capitalisation and it was correct. I tried without the dollar sign, but its also not working online.

Try print(zeit) to see what value is being stored. It might be that you are using a list when you need a number.

Alright and where exactly do i have to add print(zeit)?
sorry absolute newbe…
i tried add it here:

Is zeitt a column name in your spreadsheet? If so then that print statement shouldn’t give an error if you put it inside the loop reading the spreadsheet. (Begin Routine)

Another solution for randomisation would be to use random() in the start field (generated random number between 0 and 1 so if you want an isi of between 1 and 2 for example you would use 1+random()

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