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Random sampling from conditions file with no repetition ERROR


I am currently trying to randomise trials in a loop, without Psychopy selecting stimuli that it has selected previously. I have used information from a previous thread and inserted this into the code component:


I then inserted this into the inner loop


The coding works to a certain degree, but crashes. I am a newbie and have a feeling i did not understand previous instructions and maybe got some numbers wrong but can’t put my finger on it.

here is the error:

Please help!

To understand better, my experiment involves displaying 3 images in an image loop and then one video in a video loop, these have seperate loops. after displaying 3 images and then 1 video, there is an outer loop repeating the process 9 times. i am trying to control the video loop so that 1 is shown randomly from a list of 9 videos, but i dont want any videos repeated.