Quick question on timer/countdown options

Hi guys, I am trying to set up a little psychology experiment where a total of 24 words will need to be presented on screen one by one in random order. The participant will need to respond to each word with a semantic associate, but their responses will be capture by video recordings and coded manually by experimenters, so responses (e.g., mouse clicks, audio sounds, keyboard input) do not need to be captured by the program itself - the program just needs to present the word stimuli. The question I have is: is it possible for PsychoPy to concurrently present a countdown timer for each trial? Specifically, for the first 12 trials I would need the stimulus word in the middle of the screen but immediately beneath the word there needs to be a timer that counts down from 3 seconds (i.e., 3, 2, 1, to remind the participant of how much time they have left before the word will disappear and the next word will be presented). For the remaining 12 trials this needs to be a 10 (instead of 3) second countdown timer. Moreover, the list of words are categorised into 3 categories - 6 type A words, 6 type B words, and 12 type C words. Half of each category must be randomised to the first 12 trials and the remaining half must be randomised into the last 12 trials.

So in sum, is PsychoPy capable of having a concurrent countdown timer, and at the same time, is it capable of randomising the presentation of words in the aforementioned way?

If anyone can help shed some light on this it will be greatly appreciated? Sorry this is probably a stupid question since im new to this. Thanks so much!

Yes, you can have multiple timers and independent randomisation. Take a look at my online demos.

Independent randomisation and PM time can help with the randomisation and PM time shows a timer (in that case on request but the rounding is the key feature).

The clock code is also shown in my code snippets document.

Thank you so much for the quick and reassuring response! I will certainly look into it