Questionnaire Designer


as far as I understood the “routine” builder at the top of the Pavlovia surveys, I thought I could split my survey into three parts (introduction, a randomized part and some demographic questions). However, when piloting, after the first block, the survey is over. And when I test the second part within the “shuffle” routine, nothing is shuffled/randomized. Have I misunderstood this tool? How would I approach my goal (multiple randomized pages in the middle part)?

Thanks a lot for that!

I think there are three issues here:

  1. You may find that the end of the first block (intro) says Complete but when you click on it, you are taken to the next block (called block in your example). This is a bug which will hopefully be fixed soon.

  2. The shuffle box in your screenshot only contains one block so it shouldn’t do anything. To shuffle pages or questions in a block you need to go to the survey designer for that block.

  3. There also seems to be a bug in the intended block shuffling which will hopefully be fixed soon.