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QuestHandler.addOtherData(dataName, value)

Hi there,

Based on the API, to my understanding, QuestHandler.addOtherData(dataName, value) allows an additional variable to be recorded onto the final excel output. I tried using this but didn’t get anything but the default 4 variables of Reversal Intensities, Reversal Indicies, All Intensities, All Responses. I was hoping to add a fifth variable of ‘Contrast’. Did I misunderstand this function, or that I might have gotten the coding wrong?

A snippet of the lines that matter from my script:

magnitude = 100

staircase = data.QuestHandler(startVal = 0.0, startValSd = 0.5, stepType = ‘lin’, gamma = 0.01, pThreshold = 0.63, grain = 0.2, nTrials = 5)

for thisContrast in staircase:

staircase.addOtherData(‘Contrast’, thisContrast*magnitude)