Python terminal remains open with a warning when opening project directly


The python command terminal remains open with the warning below when I open the project (.psyexp file) directly by double-clicking.
However, everything works fine when I open a project by adding it from the runner.

WARNING:matplotlib.font_manager:findfont: Font family [’’] not found. Falling back to DejaVu Sans.

OS: Win10
Build: 2020.2.3 and 2020.2.4

Not sure if this will actually have any effect on the experiment, and I can always open the runner first, but I wanted to ask just in case.

Hi There,

This doesn’t look like something that would effect your experiment. It looks like one of the python libraries in psychopy (matplotlib - used for plotting results) is missing a font, so unless you are using the matplotlib library, this shouldn’t effect your experiment. Can you open other psychopy projects without this error or is it just this file?


This warning message occurs with other files as well, but again, only when I open the .psyexp file directly, not if I add a project from the Runner.
You are right, it doesn’t affect the experiment directly, but it’s annoying that this window remains open all time, while you won’t have such a problem with the other method.