Putting normal number words/numbers and non-symbolic numerical stimuli (generated from a Python file) together in one excel column in my conditions excel sheet

Hi everyone!

I am currently doing a reaction time and accuracy task that involves comparing between visually presented numerical information and auditory numerical information, and seeing if the numerical value presented by these two are the same or not. The visually presented numerical information will be presented in three forms - Arabic numerals (e.g 5), number words (e.g five) and non-symbolic magnitude (a picture of 5 dots).

My conditions file is arranged such that visual numerical stimuli are presented in one column, and auditory numerical stimuli. I managed to get the Arabic numerals, number words and audio sounds presented in the screen.

However, I am stuck at getting the non-symbolic magnitude to appear on the screen. From what I understand, the non-symbolic magnitude/dots should be placed in the same column as the Arabic numerals and number words. I have tried to obtain screenshots of the dots (from the Python file that codes for these dots) and include them in the same column as the other visual stimuli (number words, Arabic numerals) - I did this by saving these images in PNG format and wrote them in this format (

). However, this does not seem to work.

I’m not very sure on what I can do moving forward - I’m relatively new to Psychopy too. Hence, I would like to ask if there’s any advice on this. Would really appreciate any advice/help on this and sorry for the inconvenience caused! ! The intended effect is in this photo below. Inserting Non-symbolic Stimuli - Problem|690x320

Hello and welcome!

It looks like you’re trying to display an image in a text object. There a are a few ways around this:

Have all numbers and words saved as png files (quite simple using power point and export to png) and display all as images.

Have a second column with image file sources which are read by an image stimuli which that has empty cells where the text stimuli are present and vice verse:

Img, Word,
‘’, One
‘’ , 1
‘One.png’, ‘m

Hi Oli!

I’ve attempted the first solution that you mentioned - the bit about saving everything as png files. It works! Thank you so much for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I’m curious about how the 2nd suggestion works though. I’ve tried it earlier, but I’m not sure how to ensure that the experiment will choose to display either text stimuli or image stimuli randomly at a given time period (e.g 0ms - 500ms). Do you have any advice regarding this?

Thank you!

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The second suggestion probably wouldn’t work - I’ve seen a few other posts where passing a blank to an object breaks the experiment