Pushes/Alerts on mobile phone

Hello! Could you tell please if there is an opportunity to send alerts (pushes) from PsychoPy (where the experiment runs) to mobile phone of the experimenter on experiment’s key points? For example, at the end of a trial, at the end of the experiment. I would like to control what is happening with the subject from another room.

Thank you very much!

I’m thinking that it might be possible for the experiment to open a browser tab set up to send an email. I’m not sure if it will take the participant out of full screen. Are they going to be using the local version?

Thank you for your answer! Yes, I supposed to use the local version and control the experiment via notifications from another room. Now I am almost sure that there is no way to do it in PsychoPy

You could have a second screen – or is the other room too far away.

Also, I think that a web page can be activated from a local run.

import webbrowser


Thank you! I will try both ideas.