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Purpose of `extraInfo` for TrialHandler?

OS : Mac10.14.4
PsychoPy version : 3.1.0
What are you trying to achieve?: Logging extra data on a per-trialHander basis

I’m confused about extraInfo for trialHandlers. I assumed I could pass in a separate dictionary from the extraInfo dict used for the ExperimentHandler, but nothing I pass in gets appended to the saved data.

The documentation for TrialHandler lists it as


extraInfo: A dictionary
This will be stored alongside the data and usually describes the experiment and subject ID, date etc.

I tried to look through PsychoPy itself, and it’s unclear to me if it ever gets used unless explicitly saving the trialHandler separately from the ExperimentHandler.

I can call trialHandler.appendData every loop, but this looked cleaner.

Am I missing something?

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