PsychoPy to BioSemi ActiTwo system trigger error

OS Win10 Enterprise 21H2 64 bit:
PsychoPy version 2022.2.4
**Standard Standalone? Y
**What are you trying to achieve?: We used to run EEG experiments in our lab using PsychoPy2 v 1.90.3 for years. The computer we used to run experiments and send triggers unfortunately crashed and we got a new harddrive so we figured now is a good time to update and use new PsychoPy by starting over and re-coding our task. Our BioSemi System uses a SUNIX LPT Port to communicate to BioSemi’s ActiTwo system to our receiving computer.

When trying to run our study and setting the new port address I receive the error
6.7166 WARNING psychopy.parallel has been imported but no parallel port driver found. Install either inpout32, inpoutx64 or dlportio

I am a Mac user outside of working in this lab so I know very little about PCs or Windows - I assume that I need inpoutx64 since we are running 64 bit Windows. However I searched previous forums and found a highrez inpout32 driver previously suggested that is no longer being maintained

Any suggestions for another place to download these required drivers or other things I should try to get our experiment back up and running?

I also probably should have included the code that triggers this error which is

from psychopy import parallel
set_p_port = parallel.ParallelPort(address0x0000DFB8)

Update: found the drivers and resolved those errors but still no luck - think our trigger cable or port is the issue! If anyone has had success with PsychoPy to Biosemi using Windows regularly and have tips feel free to share! Otherwise I think this one is resolved!