Psychopy shuts down in.m the middle of experiment

Hello everyone!

I’m currently using Psychopy to conduct an experiment about mind wandering, but I need some help because I’m having a few problems with it. This is my first time using this program, and since I started everything seemed to work correctly. I built my experiment on my personal laptop and the I copied it on my lab computer. Sometimes everything works correctly, without a single problem, but it already happened twice that the program shuts down in the middle of the experiments. When it happened, it was after a while that I didn’t use it, so that I have to make it start again to make it work correctly. It’s like if he has to “warm up”. There are no errors, and the last line before shutting down was “window1: mouseVisible = True”. On this computer the other experiments works correctly. That’s why I can’t comprehend why this happens.

Do you have any suggestions that could help me to fix the problem? Thank you so much in advance.

Best Regards,