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PsychoPy: Pygaze window freezes and won't accept any keyboard input

Dear all,

I am trying to integrate the pygaze eyetracker package into my PsychoPy experiment (in Builder View, but please note that my question is about coding).

My aim is to run the experiment, while occasionally switching to the Pygaze window to e.g. calibrate, validate. I am currently stuck trying to get my Pygaze window to accept keyboard input. I can create a pygaze window, I get a connection to the eyetracker, but then the window freezes and the program crashes.

I would like to stop the window from freezing (obviously) and for the pygaze window to accept keyboard input. I’d be extremely grateful for suggestions.


At the beginning of the experiment I firstload relevant packages

from pygaze.display import Display
from pygaze.screen import Screen
from pygaze.libinput import Keyboard
from pygaze.eyetracker import EyeTracker
import pygaze.libtime as timer

At the beginning of the routine I first minimize the psychopy window (I’d like to calibrate first):

win.flip() # this minizes the psychopy window

disp = Display()
tracker = EyeTracker(disp)
tracker.calibrate() #this succesfully produces a pygaze window, I hear the connection “click”, but after that my screen freezes and the screen won’t take any input.