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PsychoPy does not output .js files

URL of experiment: this experiment

Description of the problem: Hi All, PsychoPy stopped outputting .js files for one of the programmes I was working on. I tried to rebuild the programme bit by bit to see when this occurs. After putting in a few elements in the first routine the programme won’t output .js files anymore, except for the html file. As a result, it outputs an error when trying to run it online. I verified with several other programmes and it works, but not on this particular one. Does anyone have any idea why this occurs and how can I make the programme output the .js files again?

UPDATE: After further debugging, I realised this was happening when I was using brackets to surround the text in the text properties section of a text component. Once I put the brackets in, PsychoPy wouldn’t output .js files anymore, or wouldn’t update the old ones, with the exception of the HTML file.

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Problem solved above. Thanks for the update @AlexV