Psychopy crash when trying to debug project locally

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I am trying to debug a PsychoJS task in local debug mode. Pressing the button to do this in the experiment runner immediately locks up the application. There is no error message given.

This occurs even on a newly created project with only a text component.

Curiously this only occurs on some projects. Some pre-existing projects run without error.

This may be related to some sort of incompatibility on this system as I have moved to a new PC from the one I was using previously for PsychoPy.

What did you try to make it work?:

I have tried:
Reverting to a previous version of PsychoPy
Reinstalling PsychoPy
Starting a new project
Deleting PsychoPy user preferences
Clearing my browser cache

None of these fixed the error.

Any ideas as to what might be causing this would be much appreciated. Or even just ways to enable some sort of debug mode or crash log so I can see what’s causing this in more detail?


I’ve just found a partial solution for this and I’ll post it here in case someone runs into the same error. It seems to be a firewall error.

Press the local debug button and wait
PsychoPy will lock and will appear to have crashed
Leave it for a couple of minutes (took around 2 minutes for me)
Window firewall will pop up asking for permission to allow python on private or public networks
Approve python for private networks.

The experiment now runs locally in the browser as normal.

Unfortunately, every time I run it locally PsychoPy appears to crash and I have to wait around 2 minutes again for the experiment to open in the browser. Will investigate if I can do something to fix this.

Thanks for the updated information. If there’s anything that seems to help from our end let me know

Update: After a computer restart this error now only occurs once for every new project. All subsequent local debug runs work without error. An odd error and a slight inconvenience but not too bad to work around.