PsychoPy and BrainVision RCS error when starting the experiement

Hi All,
Please bear with me as I am new to posting on forums. I am currently using PsychoPy version 2022.2.5 to run an EMG experiment using BrainVision BrainAmp ExG amplifier . We have a brand new window machine that is running Windows 11. To send markers and start and pause recordings I am using RCS that integrates with PsychoPy. This worked quite well on our old PC but since switching to the new PC I am getting an intermittent error message when on the recording computer in RCS that says “Cannot start recording, the amplifier is not in ‘RUNNING’ state.” I have contacted BrainVision and we have checked that it is not the amp its self so I am wondering if anyone else has run in to this message when using PsychoPy, RCS, and BrainVision Recorder?

Thanks for any help,