Psychopy and brain vision triggerbox

Dear all, I need to send triggers through psychopy via the brain vision triggerbox to the brain vision recorder. When I use a triggerbox test software it works perfectly. However, I cannot find the right settings in psychopy builder to make it work. I use a laptop and the usb connection to the triggerbox is COM3. Any help would be so much appreciated. Below is the warning message from psychopy after trying to run the experiment.


Hello from the pygame community.
3.4455 WARNING psychopy.parallel has been imported but no parallel port driver found. Install either inpout32, inpoutx64 or dlportio
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\peter\Documents\psychopy\self-referential exp\”, line 136, in
p_port = parallel.ParallelPort(address=‘COM3’)