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Failure in sending triggers to a Brain Amp MR system

Dear PsychoPy users,
I am trying to send triggers to a Brain Amp MR system by Brain Products, specifically to the Recorder program, via Parallel Port. I am using the latest PsychoPy version (1.84.2) on Windows 7.
At first I received this error: "p_port = parallel.ParallelPort(address=u‘0x0378‘)
AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘ParallelPort’ ", and the experiment failed to run as well.
I inserted the “inpout32.dll” file in the experiment’s folder, as suggested in a previous post about this error (python - PsychoPy sending triggers on 64bit OS - Stack Overflow). Though the experiment managed to work again, I did not receive triggers in the recorder. Next, I installed the LPT Test Utility as suggested in the above-mentioned post as well, and succeeded to get triggers in my recorder from this program, but not from PsychoPy. Hence, it seems that the triggers do not work specifically while using PsychoPy.
Please see a picture of the component’s properties attached.
Looking forward to a solution,