PsychoPy 2020.2.4 does not run on MacOs 10.15.6

A while ago I installed version 2020.2.3 on my MacBook Pro running Catalina 10.15.6. When trying to run version 2020.2.3 only the File menu appeared with just two options: Hide and Quit. Today I downloaded 2020.2.4 but the results were the same. I did not get any error message from my Mac and version 2020.1.2 is up and running - although I don’t like the new Runner window :wink:

My best
Ómar Jóh

Hey @Omar, it’s slightly unconventional, but having faced the same problem, I believe the trick is to click on the PsychoPy icon that appears in the Dock when you launch the app, and that should let the loading proceed as normal, x

Hi @sotiri! This solved my problem! But it is a strange way to start an application … thanks a lot!!!

You’re absolutely right, not meant to be that way, should be coming up with a fix fairly soon, thanks for flagging and for your understanding :sun_with_face: