Programming EEG (Arc Program) to work with PsychoPy

Hello Everyone,

I am creating an experiment that is looking at false memory with a program on PsychoPy that will work with the EEG program Arc simultaneously. My program is set but when I try to apply the EEG code it does not seem to work. I need the EEG code to mark the initial showing of the stimulus as well as all responses the participant gives to each word. I was getting indent and spacing issues when I applied the code and I also do not know if it will work specifically the way I need it to as well as with Arc.

This is the version I have without the EEG code plugged in: (89.2 KB)

This is the version I have with the EEG code plugged in (as well as the indentation error): (87.7 KB)

This is the EEG code I had written by someone in my lab which you’ll find on line 83:

Initialize the EEG device

eeg_device = pyeeg.EEG()

Start recording EEG data


Present the stimulus and wait for a response


Stop recording EEG data


Retrieve the recorded data

eeg_data = eeg_device.get_data()

Process the data as needed

Overall I need help on knowing if this code can work in general and with Arc and if it will highlight the specific areas of when the stimuli is shown and responded to.

The original word experiment was created using the PyschoPy Builder while the EEG code was added into the PsychoPy Coder. Any help would be great as the original person I was working with this on may no longer be on my experiment due to scheduling issues.