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Problems with feedback message and conditional click selection

Hi everyone! I`m working with Psychopy for the first time and I´m having some issues.

Description of the task:
The task is about first presenting a set of letters in a 3x3 grid and then a recall where people choose in a grid either the letter or the position. For instance, in one trial I can show letter b d k in different positions and then in the recall if I show you a letter previously presented below the grid (i.e. letter b) you have to choose the position, but if I show you a question symbol (?) in a determined position then you have to choose the letter that was presented there (in that case I show the three letters below the grid).

construyendo con builder.psyexp (58.1 KB)

  1. Problem with Feedback:
    a. My problem is that feedback is only working with positions (because they are rectangles-polygons) but not with letters because my stimuli is text and only retrieve “b d k” but I need a specific letter.
    b. Also, the message in the last letter/position of a trial appears at the beginning of the next trial, how can I fix this?

  2. Since the person choose a letter or a position in the same trial, if I present a set of letters below the grid (i.e.= bdk) and ask you for a position (i.e= for letter b), you just have to click in a position of the grid but if I ask you for which letter was in a determined position indicated with an “?” (for example in square1) and present you “bdk” below the grid you have to choose one letter. In this case,
    a. how can I know which specific letter was clicked?
    b. how can I present specifics “clickable stimuli” for each trial? only squares from 1 to 9 when request letters position or only letters below the grid when I ask for which letter was presented in that position?

OS (e.g. Win10): I have a Macboock Pro
PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.84.x): version 3.2.4

I really appreciate of your help here, I don`t know how to continue,