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Problem with trial repetition

Hi there,

I am programming an experiment in which participants will see an object moving at different velocities from the left side of the screen to the right side. Once the object reaches the right end of the screen they need to press a key to go to the next trial. I’ve created an Excel file with the four different conditions: each of these conditions makes the object move at different speeds. The experiment works well during the first three trials, but in trial number four (the last condition on my Excel file) pressing the key for some reason doesn’t terminate the trial. Instead, the object flashes quickly every time I press on the key.
When looking at the Excel file with the participant’s responses, the first column (which shows the name of the condition file), shows a list of None after the fourth trial (one for every time I pressed on the key). It seems that Psychopy is not ‘detecting’ the end of the trial after the last row of my conditions file…
Any help will be appreciated!
Thanks :grinning: