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My experiment runs on Psychopy, but does not on Pavlovia.
I have built a project with a feedback after each answer of the textbox and another feedback, at the end, for the entyre project. For this I have created a code to sum the correct answers to show the final proportion.
In Psychopy, this code [code_2] adds a column called “[totalacertos]” and it sums 1 for each correct answer. But on Pavlovia comes up a message saying that this propertie is undefined and end my experiment.

I think that on Pavlovia this code “study.addData(‘totalacertos’, Acerto)” is not working and because of this it can’t continue. The only way to have the final feedback is using this proportion. If someone have another possibilit to this, easier to use, it could be healpfull too.

What should I do?

Might want to go into the code component and change it to


on the javascript side for pavlovia (switch it to both so it doesn’t autotranslate python to JS

my python side looks like this


As of 2021.2 thisExp.addData translates correctly in an Auto code component


study.addData('totalacertos', Acerto)
thisExp.addData('totalacertors', Acerto)

Best wishes Jens