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Problem with monitor CRS ColorCal calibration

We are using the CRS ColorCal colorimeter to calibrate our lab’s monitor. It works absolutely fine on my office PC (and the linearization matrix populates automatically) , but when using the same calibration process in the lab, we get the following error after using PsychoPy’s automated calibration process:

TypeError: TextEntryDialog(): arguments did not match any overloaded call:
    Overload 1: too many arguments
    Overload 2: 'defaultValue' is not a valid keyword argument.

Any ideas how to resolve this issue please?


Is that the entire message or was there more? I did actually just fix ColorCal connection for Python 3 bit that was a different error. This one I haven’t seen before and need more info

I’ve attached a photo of the error message (the computer doesn’t have internet, so can’t copy & paste it - sorry!).

Can provide other images if they might be of help.