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Problem with key response

Hi everyone,
I am new to psychopy and have to create a test with it for uni.
It’s supposed to be a GO/NO-GO task where participants have to press on Blue whenever there is a blue arrow (no matter the direction) and on red whenever there is a red arrow, with S on keyboard being linked to red and L being blue (AZERTY layout).
When there is a red or blue rhombus they are supposed not to press anything.

The test is done but there is one main issue I can’t seem to fix.
When you press S or L, the picture of the arrow is not immediately disappearing but lags a bit behind.
It has to disappear immediately after pressing the corresponding key for the test to function properly.

Here are all the files from the test.

DropBox PsychoPy Test
I’d appreciate all help, thanks!


You should tick the Force End of Routine in the Keyboard component. It will end the trial as soon as a key is pressed. In your experiment, it is unchecked. That is why the stimuli will present for $showDuration.


oh I didn’t even think about that. Thank you so much!

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