Problem with java in pavlovia:

URL of experiment:
Description of the problem:
This experiment works in psychopy but it doesn’t work in pavlovia.
When I try to run it, there ir the message ‘initialising the experiment’ and when I press f12 there’s an error:

The code where the error is located is here:


Could someone help me?

Best regards.

Are your testing a JS version of pandas?

The syntax for import in JS doesn’t have brackets, hence the unexpected token error.

I tried like this:


And now I have this problem:

Are your testing a JS version of pandas?

Like this?


At this point I’m going to assume that the answer to my question is no.

Your issue is that pandas is a python library and doesn’t work online.

My code snippets have information about how to import spreadsheets using Trial Handlers in code

My Trial Switching demo uses this method