Problem with displaying Japanese text strings using JavaScript code in Pavlovia

I’m trying to translate instructions of an online experiment which has been created in English into Japanese. Unfortunately because our experiment uses pre-release features which are not yet available in PsychoPy, I cannot simply change the text in the builder, but have to manually change the JavaScript file.
When I just change the individual text strings to Japanese characters using copy & paste, the text in Pavlovia is displayed as ‘???’. From what I could gather from other forum posts this has something to do with the fact that Japanese characters are encoded in UTF-8, which is not the standard encoding used in my JavaScript file / used by Pavlovia. I have tried saving the whole file with encoding UTF-8, but this seemingly cannot be read Pavlovia.

Unfortunately I have zero JavaScript experience and relatively little Psychopy/Pavlovia experience, so any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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