Problem running project on line

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
I have just uploaded a project and have shift it on piloting. When I try to run the project it cames out an error: 403 Forbidden. nginx, on my browser (Chrome).

How can I solve the problem?

One option is to turn it off and on again

I followed your suggestion but the problem remains. When I go to the running position, the link to the project appears, but the “.html” file is missing. I think that was the problem.

Do you mean index.html or /html ?

As you can see from the images, as regarding the “dot probe” the related link had an html extension, but not for the go no go link.

That’s actually a folder, not an extension.

Newer experiments on Pavlovia (2020.2 onwards) run from the root folder instead of an html sub folder to avoid the need to make inefficient copies of the resources (videos, images, etc.).

OK, hence the problem is not this. But I don’t understand what it is.
I try to fork a similar task from the project page, and it works. I try to download the same task and replace the file to update the task to my needs and try to syncronize another time but doesn’t work.

When you first sync an experiment to Pavlovia, a hidden folder called .git gets created. If you change the name of the psyexp file after your first sync then your experiment will break. If you delete the .git folder and then sync you can recreate it as a new project.

with .git folder do you mean the one that is on>dashboard>experiments?

No. The one on your local computer.